10 September 2010

huskaroo banded kitty sweater

So here is my finished Huskaroo Banded Kittie Sweater! I'm pretty proud of it. My 3-year old long haired Haru is such a large cat (over 20lbs), he didn't fit in many of previous patterns for cats I have tried in the past. This fits him very well, and he doesn't seem to mind it at all! He's been running around in it all morning.

This project worked up fairly quickly, and I didn't use less than half a skein of yarn between two colors. I would rate it as an easy project!

This pattern is capable of doing anything with color patterns, so I may revisit it later in a different season or fashion! Knowing that, I decided to take notes as I crocheted and when I was finished, compiled them and made a pattern!

It is the first pattern I have written, but it is pretty simple, involving mostly dc (double crochet), turning, and slip stitching. It was great to practice changing colors!

I decided to post it here for anyone else out there with Haru-sized kitties! If you have any questions or find any mistakes in the pattern, you can email me at berserkeramor@gmail.com

You will need the following items for this project:

5.00mm crochet hook
1 button
1 foot of thread
1 yarn needle
1 or 2 skeins of worsted weight yarn (for solid or striped)

Love, Rabbit

Huskaroo Banded Kitty Sweater Pattern
by Rabbit Abby

Beginning: With your first color, chain 62. Join to form a loop. Careful not to twist the chain!
Rows 1-4: Ch 3, turn, dc around. *Join to beginning, ch 3, turn, dc around. Repeat from * 2 more times.
Rows 5-8: With your second color, join to beginning. Ch 3, turn, dc around. *Join to beginning, ch 3, turn, dc around. Repeat from * 2 more times.
Rows 9-12: With your first color, join to beginning. Ch 3, turn, dc around. *Join to beginning, ch 3, turn, dc around. Repeat from * 2 more times.
Row 13: With your second color, join to beginning. Ch 3, turn, dc around.
Row 14: Join to beginning, ch 3, turn, dc in the next 37 stitches.
Rows 15-16: *Ch 3, turn, dc across. Repeat from * 1 more time.
Rows 17-20: With your first color, *Ch 3, turn, dc across. Repeat from * 3 more times.
Row 21: With your second color, Ch 3, turn, dc across. When you reach the end, Ch 13, join to opposite side. Careful not to twist the chain! Ch 19.
Row 22: Ch (an additional, for the turn) 3, turn, dc across until reaching the overlay. (Stop Here!!)
Row 23-24: *Ch 3, turn, dc across. Repeat from * 1 more time.
Finishing: With single crochet, finish the edges on collar and hem with slip stitches and weave in all ends. Attach button(s) with thread/yarn of choice, making sure to go through both the band and the neck of the collar.


  1. Abby, I like your blogspot! :)

    You know what would be funny, a knitted sleeve for an assault rifle. Well, funny to me anyway.

    Very pretty cat, by the way.

  2. Thanks Jason :) :)

    What does a sleeve for an assault rifle look like? I bet I could try to make one hehehehehehe :)

  3. OMG! I didnt think any cat would let you put a sweater on them!!! Im going to start a sweater for my lovely kitty and see if she will wear it <3 <3

  4. I love this sweater and the cat is absolutely beautiful. I was going to follow you but I can't seem to find the thing to do so. Anyway, you should check out my blog. I'm pretty new to this environment, so, excuse my lack of posts. Anyway, you can check it out here: http://thelegendaryskunk.blogspot.com/

  5. what about for a smaller cat?

  6. I have a fat kitty! I would love to try this out.

  7. Can you please explain to me what you mean in row 21 when you say chain 13 and join opposite side, then chain 19.

  8. My daughter wants me to make a sweater for her kitten. To make this smaller, would you recommend a smaller hook, sport- weight instead of worsted weight yarn, or reducing the number of stitches?

  9. This is super cute, I love it! I included it in my round up of my favorite pet crochet patterns. Hope you're staying safe!

  10. Awesome! I finally found a working cat sweater that could fit my fat cat! It turned out great!

  11. On row 21 it says to chain 13 join to the other side.. length wise or width wise? And then chain 19 where does the chain attach too?

  12. I’m trying to follow the pattern directions but have the same problem as the person on Jan 8, 2021, which did not receive a reply. It would help if you would provide a picture of the front of the sweater or at least a picture. I’m at row 23-24 & can not finish the sweater because there are not adequate answers or an explanation. PLEASE explain steps 21-24. Meanwhile, I have an unfinished sweater.